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Parish History

A Non Profit-making Organisation Devoted To The Interests Of The Gloucestershire Parish Of South Cerney And Cerney Wick

Parish History

Exploring our parish's history

The parish of South Cerney and Cerney Wick has a long and rich history, including the granting of a royal charter in AD 999 and the discovery of unique medieval carvings in All Hallows Church in 1912.

These events - and much more of the villages' past - are chronicled in the Trust's publications.

But, thanks to the efforts of Trust members, we are always adding to our bank of knowledge whether in the form of ongoing research, a newly identified photograph or fresh anecdotes about times gone by.

You'll find the latest items here as soon as we are able to share them.

Michale Oakeshott Professor Michael Oakeshott (1935-2004).

VillageHall South Cerney Village Hall - Opening Ceremony in 1925.

Head and Foot The South Cerney Head and Foot - centenary search uncovers fresh wood fragment.

Sewer War Sewer War - The Battle of School Lane.

Eliot Arms The Eliot Arms in the 1950s.

Street Lamp The Story of a Cerney Street Lamp.

House with no name Cerney's House with No Name.

Hero Policeman Ron Spencer - South Cerney's Hero Policeman.

Down Your Way Down Your Way - Interviews from 1965.

Today We Live Today We Live - Villagers see themselves on screen, 1937

Ghost of Cerney Wick Lane The Ghost of Cerney Wick Lane