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Projects - Old & New

New Edition of 'South Cerney Old and New'

South Cerney Old and New South Cerney Old and New

This new edition updates the content of a local history originally published in the 1970s with a later edition following in 1986. Featuring personal reminiscences from older residents collected by interview, it pre-dated Michael Oakeshott's later histories of South Cerney and the parish offering a valuable insight into past village life from those who actually lived it.

A small team of Trust members co-ordinated the expanded 2015 update while adding more recollections and over 60 photographs and illustrations, many never seen publicly in years.

Although now published, South Cerney Old and New remains open as part of the Trust's remit to continue collecting personal histories and experiences, especially from readers who, having discovered the book, may find they have something to share.

Do you have memories of life and work in the parish from days gone by? Perhaps you have some old photographs showing village places and people from the past.

If so, please share them with us by getting in touch at